Key Features

Start Date 05/07/2024
Term Maximum 10 years, 3 weeks
Counterparty Credit Agricole CIB (Fitch: AA- | Moody's: Aa3 | S&P: A+ as at 21/06/2024)
Linked Assets NA
Capital At Risk Barrier Capital Protected
ISA Transfers: 19/06/2024
Applications with cheques: 03/07/2024
Applications with bank transfers: 03/07/2024
Tax Treatment Income Tax
Summary Risk Indicator 1

The plan starts on the Start Date. On each Recallable Date if the Counterparty decides to end the plan early, it will pay Growth equal to 7% of the money invested for each year the plan has been in force. This is called a Recall. The first date this can happen is 6 July 2026. If the plan never Recalls and reaches the End Date, it will pay Growth equal to 70% of the money invested.

Customers will get all their invested money back when the plan ends, whether that be at the End Date or from a Recall on a Recallable Date.

Please see marketing literature or contact us for more information.

Market view

Customers should have a view on financial markets aligned with their expectation for the life of the plan because this is what will dictate when the plan ends. Otherwise, this plan does not suit their market view. Investor type This plan has been primarily designed for retail investors. Customers should be comfortable being treated as such but if they wish to be treated otherwise, they may request this. See the associated Terms and Conditions for more details.

Knowledge & experience

Customers should be able to understand how this plan works and be able to make an informed investment decision after reading this document and the associated Key Information Document. Otherwise, they should seek professional financial advice.

Risk tolerance

Customers should be comfortable with the level of risk described in this document and the associated Key Information Document. Otherwise, this plan does not suit their risk tolerance.

Ability to bear losses

Customers who are not willing or able to withstand losing money fall within the target market. When the plan ends, all invested money will be returned subject to the ongoing financial health of Credit Agricole CIB. Customers should, however, appreciate the importance of having a diversified spread of investments to reduce the risk of being highly exposed to any one investment type or sector.


Customers should be investing for Growth, not Income. They should also be willing to accept that the total amount of Growth they receive is conditional. Otherwise, this plan does not suit their investment objective.


Customers should be willing and able to tie up their money for the life of this plan and have other sources of money to cover daily and emergency spending. Otherwise, this plan does not suit their investment horizon.

Distribution channel

We highly recommend taking professional financial advice, but applications will not be rejected if no advice was taken. Customers must complete the relevant application form fully, including the appropriateness questions.

Vulnerable customers

Customers with certain characteristics may be vulnerable to poor outcomes, especially if the plan does not perform as expected. The elderly, digitally averse, anyone suffering a bereavement and those suffering an income shock should proceed with caution. Customers who think they may have characteristics of vulnerability should seek professional financial advice.
Opening Levels unavailable.

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